Delivery Terms

1.) The product you receive will be sent to your name within 2 working days at the latest after the payment is confirmed.

2.) For the products that are not in stock or that you want to be brought upon special request, you will be informed within 2 business days following the receipt of the product by our company. Depending on the distance from the delivery address, the shipping time may take 1 to 3 days.

3.) The product that you do not make within 5 working days with the EFT / Money Order and PayPal payment options, the price determined for the products you purchased, will not be delivered, and the order will be canceled and in this case, the Gold Plaque cannot be held responsible after the order will be made by adding the product to the stock.

Return Policy

1.) The return period for all the products you have purchased is seven (7) days after the product is received.

2.) The product you receive can be returned if it has features contrary to the product description written on the Gold Plate or is different from the picture, if the product is scratched, worn or if the product does not work. In this case, the shipping cost is provided by our company.

3.) The original box/packaging is damaged (for example: products with a shipping label affixed on the original box and taped with duct tape or written on are not accepted), which have lost their resaleability feature, cannot be returned to the importer/manufacturer company or purchased by another customer. Returns of products are not accepted.

4.) Returns must be made with the original box or packaging. When returning, the shipping belongs to the buyer.

5.) All the products you buy are guaranteed abroad and you will be contacted during the breakdown and you will be directed to the warranty distributor.

Other than these, product returns will not be accepted.