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This limited edition black on black mixer (DJM-400-K) gives you all the functionality of the DJM-400 with an edge.  The collector edition version of this popular mixer will stand out with its unique cobalt blue illumination.

In-Loop Sampler

An intelligent 24bit/96kHz sampler automatically detects the tempo of a song during playback, sampling it for a length of 4 beats then loops the sample.  Since the sampled sound is in sync with the beat of the tune being played, no matter the tempo, it enables live remixing like never before.

Samples are automatically stretched and compressed to match the beat. The DJM-400-K will store five samples onboard for a total of 12 seconds of sample time.


Each channel has 3-band isolator EQ with full cut capability. The EQ ranges from +9dB to -∞ (infinity) for total control of the sound.

Onboard Effects

Onboard effects automatically detect the beats per minute of the music and sync to the beats.  The DJM-400-K includes seven onboard effects: Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll.  All effects are processed at 24bits for the highest quality sound.  A new Beat Select button allows more intuitive and aggressive DJ playing and remixing.

More Key Features:

  • The ability to select either of two microphone connections or one stereo line connection
  • A fader start so playback can be started by simply sliding the cross fader or channel fader when connected to a Pioneer CDJ product
  • A peak level meter so the DJ can check audio input levels for each channel or for the master
  • A Talk Over feature that automatically lowers track volume for the DJ to speak over the track


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