Secure Payment System

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL, which stands for ” Secure Sockets Layer “, means ” Secure Input Layer ” in Turkish . Thanks to this feature, which is mandatory especially in shopping sites, a secure relationship is aimed between the buyer and the site. On sites protected by this feature, the entered credit card information or, if any, features such as password and identity information will never pass into the hands of third parties.

With an SSL Certificate protecting your site , your customers can be assured that the information they enter on any secure page is confidential and cannot be viewed by cyber crooks.

What is 3D Secure Secure Payment System?

For payments made with 3D Secure , a special 3D transaction screen offered by the bank opens on the bank and user screen, and a confirmation code is sent to the mobile phone of the owner of the credit card, or private information that is unknown to anyone other than the cardholder is requested. In this case, it prevents unauthorized persons from using your cards on the internet.
3D secure payment advantages;

It prevents transactions on cards that are in the hands of malicious people for fraudulent purposes, and your card information is protected as you will pay with your password and personal security phrase.
Using the 3D Secure system is easy. You can both shop with confidence and make your payment easily.

With its SSL certified payment page and PCI-DSS compliance, it has taken every precaution necessary for your customers to pay in a secure environment.

Plus, your transactions are monitored 24/7 by thousands of private security experts whose sole purpose is to identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraud .

When a transaction doesn’t go as planned or you’re worried about anything like fraud or phishing, it’s easy to report problems and get help.

In addition to these measures, our Buyer and Seller Protection policies protect you.