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TECHNICS SL-1210 M5G Direct Drive Turntable


  • hand-selected, Grade A (Excellent, grade below “Mint”) refurbished turntables from Japan
  • repaired (if necessary), calibrated, tested, and detailed
  • 1 year warrantied for defects and workmanship
  • single voltage 100-120v model (US-style plug)
  • this is the 1210 model that comes in black finish
  • 1200MKS Silver model also available
  • please read the “MCC Imperfections + Notes” section carefully before purchasing


  • After hand selecting Japanese market Technics turntables, each unit is put through a 100 point plus inspection process by a team of Japanese engineers.
  • In extreme detail, critical areas like the tone arm, tone arm assembly, wiring, platter, motor, balance, pitch, rotation etc. are examined and further tested on the oscilloscope, balance instruments and mechanical rotation counter.
  • Every part that does not pass inspection is replaced with original Technics parts; only original parts from Panasonic are used.
  • Once the turntable passes the inspection and calibrated to factory spec, the entire turntable is detail cleaned and polished.
  • includes (1) year warranty that covers defects and workmanship (Turntable Lab responsible for first 2 weeks, use warranty card for remainder)


  • Although each turntable has been refurbished, these units will still exhibit: body scratches, surface wear / scratches, and corner wear of various degrees.
  • Unlike factory new 1200/1210s, final MCC turntables do NOT include: dust cover, rubber mat, headshell or original box and packaging.
  • Because of the used nature of these items, returns are NOT accepted unless the item is defective.


After the discontinuation of the Technics 1200 turntable, Turntable Lab is proud to offer a high quality alternative: Stokyo’s MCC line of refurbished Technics 1200s. Imported directly from Japan, these turntables are rigorously rated (Mint / Grade A / Grade B) and refurbished to the highest standards. Each unit carries a (1) year warranty against defects and workmanship.

In our opinion, these are the next best option to purchasing deadstock, new-in-the-box 1200/1210 turntables. In our experience, the condition of the MCC line are generally superior than those found on the current used market. Most importantly, you get the piece of mind that these turntables have been thoroughly test and calibrated. Lastly, with pricing for deadstock 1200/1210s approaching $1500, the MCC models are a well-priced alternative.



  • 45 adaptor
  • inspection + warranty certificate


  • +/-10% pitch control
  • 33 / 45 rpm
  • height adjustable tone arm with anti-skating control


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