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The Zomo laptop stand LS-1 is a easy-to-build and solid laptop stand which can be set up and down within a few movements! This stand has been built especially for DJ purposes but can also be used for every other application like notebook holder etc. The height can be adjusted individually in 4 different steps, the width in 2 steps. Therefore the Zomo LS-1 works as a perfect bracket for all different laptop models. With the 3 different possiblities of mounting, On-the-top version, Clip version or simply mounting it on a flightcase, this little helper can be installed very easily. The Zomo LS-1S storage compartment is optionally available as an additional and offers a perfect space for all common amps of the Digital Systems Rane Serato Scratch, Traktor Scratch, Stanton Final Scratch etc.

Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s ZOMO!


• Low weight
• 3 different possibilities of mounting: Flightcase, table clip and standalone
• Height adjustable
• Material: metal
• Colours: white, black

Technical Data:

• Dimension: 240 – 368 mm x 236 mm x 305 mm


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